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Get answers to frequently asked questions relating to products, warranties, returns.

1. I have problems charging my product

  • Make sure the unit is not already fully charged. Test this by connecting the unit via a charging cable to a mobile device, if the unit lights up, it already has power.
  • Press the “Power” Button to check the Power Level of the Unit.  For Kissable there is a colour indicator to show how much battery is left.                               – Red means 0-30% ,  Purple = 30-70%, Blue 70%-100%                                       For Blush – when all four lights are lit up, the unit is fully charged which means the unit will not accept further power.
  • Make sure you have connected your USB cable to the “micro-USB input” of the device and not the “USB-output”.
  • Make sure the USB output of your computer /other device allows charging. (some computer USB ports, particularly older laptops, USB-hubs and car radio USB connection ports do not output power and cannot recharge the unit. Try recharging from a different device like a home PC to verify this is not the problem.
  • If you are not using the provided charging cables, make sure the cable you are using to charge the unit supports charging. Some micro-USB cables supplied with mobile phones such as Blackberrys or camcorders can often be wired only to be compatible with the device or not wired for charging at all.
  • Make sure you are using the micro-USB charging cable that came with your device. If the unit is not charging with the provided cable, please try an alternative cable to see if the cable may have a fault.

2. I have problems Charging my Mobile Device from the powerbank.

  • The Unit may have entered short-circuit protection mode. This can happen when you are using a faulty cable or the wiring of the cable is not compatible with the mobile device. As a safety feature the Unit will shut down to avoid damaging the mobile device. To reset the Unit, just press the on button to reset it.
  • Make sure your mobile device is not already fully charged.
  • Please check the cable you are trying to charge with, by testing it on another unit. Many cables provided with older handsets such as older Nokia and Samsung mobile phones may be data only cables.
  • Older mobile phones and digital cameras although may not accept charging via USB. Please check the manual / contact the company for the mobile device you are trying to recharge and see if your mobile device is compatible.

3.The Unit is fully charged, I’ve connected the cable to my mobile device but nothing is happening?

  • A small percentage of mobile devices such as older Blackberry and Samsung handsets are wired to be incompatible with universal cables. If this is the case, please try your original charging cable provided with your mobile device or seek assistance from the manufacturer of the handset to see which cable is compatible.


The Unit is getting hot! Is there something wrong?

When powerbanks are in use, it is perfectly normal to get nice a warm. But don’t worry our unit is made from high grade batteries with a high quality chip set which has short circuit protection. If the product does overheat it will automatically turn off.

I charged my phone but I didn’t get back much percentage of battery, is my battery not working?

If you are using your phone whilst charging, the battery is being used up as you charge. If you are running low on power, use this product to help recharge but we suggest to minimise all apps being used such as “watching videos” to prolong battery life. Or simply turn the mobile device off whilst recharging.

How do I know when my product is fully charged?

On the “Blush” Unit there are 4 LED lights. It is fully charged when all 4 Led lights are on.

On the “Lipstick” Unit, it is fully charged when a blue LED lights up when you press the on button.

How many charges will I get out of my Lipstick or Blush?

Both battery packs uses the highest quality batteries on the market, the “Kissable” uses Samsung Lithium Ion Battery and “Blush” uses lithium polymer batteries, each item has a life span of over 500 recharge cycles.

Will you accept a return from one of your retail partners?

We do not offer returns or refunds on products bought from 3rd party retailers. Please contact their customer support for more information. However, if your product has a technical issue, the retailer is liable for replacement of the product within 1 year.