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About Us

the brand.

RETOUCH® was born to bring high-fashion glamour and luxury to USB Technology!

Based in the Gadget Capital of the world Hong Kong, we are a team made up of members from London, Tokyo, Sydney and New York, all coming from a diverse background in Fashion Design, marketing and product design.

We aim for RETOUCH® to represent high-fashion to its core: Inspired design, impeccable attention to detail, high quality materials and stringent quality control. But most importantly, NO COMPROMISES.

2015 has seen our brand rise rapidly through the ranks to come out as one of the leading and most exciting technology brands to ever hit the stores and we endeavour to continue the growth with more exciting and desirable high fashion inspired products!

We are always looking to form good partnerships Worldwide, so if you are interested in distribution of our products please get in touch with us via the contacts below.


The Retouch Team xoxo

contact us.

  • Hong Kong
  • (+852) 6899 6887